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June 2011


1. 2011 Annual Conference Early Bird Discount Ends July 1, 2011 - Click link to register
2. Final Call for Presenters Ends Midnight, July 1, 2011 - Click link, register, emaiil description, bio, pics
3. Relationship Choice - Janet Kira Lessin
4. Gay Marriage Bill Passes In New York; Governor Cuomo Signs Same Sex Marriage Bill Into Law
5. Chely Wright Confessions of a Gay Christian Country Singer
6. Will Polygamy Be Legalized in Canada? By Belinda Luscombe - Wednesday, December 1, 2010
7. Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association: FAQ: The Litigation, the Law, and the Charter:
8. Obama LGBT Pride Reception Speech

I just listened to a wonderful speech by President Obama at the LGBT Pride Reception

I saw a youtube of Obama at the LGBT Reception. He now mandates hospitals that get Medicare and Medicaid give same-sex partners hospital access.

Over the past few years partners and children of same-sex couples were denied hospital access. In one incident the hospital kept the mate and shared children from the loved one before she died. How sad. My heart goes out to that family that had to experience such pain, such suffering and I wonder why, how could we, as a society, let such things happen.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I heard the Prez tell gay and lesbian partners they have hospital visitation rights. And more: SAME-SEX PARTNERS AND THEIR CHILDREN GET THE SAME HEALTH, INSURANCE, MEDICAL BENEFITS AS HETEROSEXUAL PARTNERS.

The military policy of don't ask don't tell is gone. The defense of marriage act repealed.

Next, of course, is the slippery slope of POLYAMORY. It's logical, fair, right, necessary and inevitable. Yes, it's time. Let's take on the next hurdle. Time for equality for all. Polyamory, here we come!

Legal polyamorous marriage is next in line of expanding personal freedom. The GLBT movement created civil rights freedom for millions of people actively living the alternative lifestyles and for their friends and families who were affected by shame, criticism, prejudice and judgment over gender-orientation. I envision society that celebrates all loving relationships. We still have a long way to go before everyone experiences freedom and opportunity.

But maybe New York's legalizing same-sex marriage tips, for the U.S., the balance toward justice, fairness and respect rather than injustice, unfairness and disrespect for consciousness. Time to revisit same sex marriages in California and other states, including my home state of Hawaii.When I moved to Hawaii in 1993, we voted for same-sex marriages but the Fundis from all over poured money to anti-gay and conservative groups who turned out in force and outvoted us.

In '93 too a group of friends and I created Pali Paths, a polyamory discussion group that met and still meets Thursdays at the Unitarian Church on Pali Highway. We were so hidden back then that we used the play on words, Pali and poly to cryptically convey our out-of-the-box polyamorous intentions. Congratulations. Our efforts, all of us (and you know who you are) paid off. Now polyamory is known world wide. I just now googled polyamory and there are about 1,890,000 results. We've made a lot of progress yet we have a long way to go.

The GLBT movement gained momentum, support and civil rights not only by those who lived the lifestyle, but their families and friends who supported them and their freedom of choice. It's been a long, hard road. We've been fighting racism, bigotry, hate, prejudice all along. Now we need to support freedom, civil rights and gather around and support the LGBT and POLYAMORY movements. All have the right to freedom of choice, freedom to be who they truly are.

Speak up for freedom--not only liberty, justice, freedom of religion and freedom from slavery, bondage, suffering and war--but also freedom for each of us to choose relationships, love and sexuality so we can get real, down, dirty and honest and be who we truly are. We now live in a world where many have the freedom to chose sexual orientations, relationship styles, who we live with love, marry, divorce, have sex with and we can even chose to change our gender. Cher’s daughter (Chastity) is now her son (Chas). Gay marriage is legal in Canada and many states. Canada’s leading the way to debate legalization of multiple marriage (polygamy and now polyamory’s been brought up).

Many fear freedom of choice will kill monogamy. Nonsense. If society legalizes polyamory, monogamy will survive too. Heterosexuality didn't disappear just because some openly declare themselves gay, lesbian or bisexual. We must respect our own consciousness, live from our personal preferences at particular moments in time as we grow.

Support relationship choice. Support sexual orientation and gender choice. The choice movement minimizes drama, trauma and pain for all when we’re all free to be who we are and are no longer subjected to guilt, shame, blame, insults, rejection, prejudice and hate just for being true to ourselves. We're no longer victims bound by societal "norms", subject to circumstances of birth, family, religion, culture, society and even our own programming. The cosmic egg has cracked. Thoughts, ideas formerly unspoken are now out of the box and bantered around the net.

We’re coming round the bend heading to the home stretch of the clothing-optional 2011 World Polyamory Conference at Harbin Hot Springs, Northern California, July 29 -31. This year we have the large Conference Center again with two large hot tubs all to ourselves.

Our presenters include Jason Weston, Evalena Rose, Susan Campbell, Tiki & Zeev Adler, DeAnna Bennett, Keith Brown, Lenel DeEmma, Jeffery Reiss, Alicia Forester, Dane Colby, Dave Doleshal, Jessica Fergus, Ray Frye, Terry Gibbons, Debbie Gilmore, Sonny Heartsong, Lakshmi Luster and Sasha & me (Janet Kira Lessin).  Schedule's subject to change.  Deadline for presenter's applications: July 1st, 2011.

We announce the schedule in a few days, but we finalize it when we see who gets on the plane to SF, drives down the road to Harbin for the conference (like always). To register: 808 244-4103

Gay Marriage Now Legal in New York


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